My experience as a Military wife began on August 17, 1968. Wow just saying that makes me feel like it was so long ago, when in reality, it seems like it was only last year. But, I digress, regardless of how long you are or were a Military wife, one thing is abundantly clear, not only is it your spouse’s career, but yours as well.

At the time I married my husband, the Air Force was not offering classes or consistent information concerning what might be expected of an AF wife. In talking to several of my friends, we all feel the same that it would have been so much easier to have some guidelines as to what is expected. My husband as I remember received some counseling, but I know I didn’t. The amusing part is that they (AF officials) believed that he would run home and tell me what they said. Knowing my husband, I would bet he had forgotten most once the first song on the radio had finished. This is not meant as a dig on my husband, but just a fact that I soon found out during the upcoming years.

Things have changed drastically from my first years as an AF wife. I am not privy to all the changes, but I will say this since my husband has retired I have learned a lot about the changes. If you are a military wife, or if you are planning on becoming one in the future I would suggest that you go out on the internet and seek out information on military benefits.

With my three sons, I followed my husband to various bases within the United States. Because of my husband’s career field, we were not assigned to overseas bases. That is not to say, we didn’t have some lovely stays at various interesting and not so interesting assignments in the twenty-one years.

As you can probably tell, I don’t have a problem making friends and soon found myself a member of the wives club. All bases have both Officers and Enlisted Wives Clubs that can be a lifesaver to the wives whose husbands are assigned unaccompanied assignments as they were called back then.

It was comforting to know that during the lonely days and nights while our loved ones were away, we could depend on other AF wives who were in the same boat as we were. I know that when my husband was on assignment, I could be guaranteed that either the hot water tank, washer, dryer, car, or kids (take your pick) would either break or hurt themselves. Without the help and guidance of my fellow wives, I would have quickly lost my mind. It seemed to me that as soon as my husband walked out the door something would go wrong. I quickly became an expert on how to handle emergenciess.

I would like to expound on our stays at Vance, Chanute, and Offutt AFBs in the next blogs.

Please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.


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