As a new author that has been writing for years, I am finding that every day I write I learn something new.  It could be grammar, spelling, or editing. But there is always something new to learn. I write in Scrivener which has been a lifesaver to me. I have found it to be quick, easy, and so helpful in guiding me in my writing.

I have a book that is being edited as we speak. Hopefully, I will receive a contract on it and everyone can read the story of Cash a busted up Rodeo bull rider and his longtime love Lyndsey who owns the ranch next to his. There is a big surprise just waiting for Cash (don’t worry I won’t give it away) that will change their lives forever.

The reason I have not put a title up for the book is that I don’t know what the publisher will want. So, if you would just be patient with me, I promise to keep you posted as to our success.

I plan to be more active on this webpage and I will be offering some interesting articles and portions of one of my short stories. Keep watch for these changes. Until then, be safe and check back often.


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